Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Peace be upon you ,

It's a bout more than one months i've not update my blog because my old blog have been deleted with a reason :) but it's ok lah.We just make it like "New Year,New Blog''.

What i'm going to post tonite is about my study.Thank to ALLAH for giving a chance to further my study to the next level which is "Bachelor in Accountacy".How could i get this opportunity?The answer is my last sem'result when i was in Part 3 of Diploma in Accountacy is not so bad then i was offered by UiTM to take "Fast Track'',by that track,i will save one sem,it means i will finish my study same with matric's student :).So,now i was in 2nd sem of bachelor.

I am really happy once after i read it in Student Portal.I was so excited at that tyme and plan to claim presents from my dad for my result.Pity my dad.Yes,i got the presents,thank bak for the blackberry.I love you lah.I will promise to u that i will study hard and get Dean List for this sem and claim car from you,oke,bak?

Most of my classmate came from other UiTM,so i manage to know new friends.I Like!Just friend ok,not boyfrienz. :D

It long way to go,so i must study smart to achieve my ambition.Yes,my life principe is ''Beauty with Brain",which means beauty in appearance and attitude plus u have brilliant brain , it was Perfect.
Yes,i knew that u getting bored by reading my post.So,i think i have to stop here.ok,darl? :D

Good nyte all.
With luv,
Rozza Fellyna Rosli <3

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