Saturday, February 5, 2011

Family's Dinner

How sweet da tittle for this post kan?
I just arrived at my "condominium" after once week hols for the CNY ,
Apparently,mmg berat gilak nak dtg "condominium " ni...
bru je smpai cni tp dk pikiq da bila plak la coming hols,
hahahah :D
but satu pom assignment x sntoh kot,
bertuah punya budak kan kan :D

give me extra hols,plz !

So,last nyte my family having dinner together at De' Classic White Coffee,Kubang Kerian.
Those yg stay KB maybe u olz tao la kat mane restoran ni terpacak kan kan :D
For sure lah tersangat lah jem nk sampai kat restoran...
asyik raya je jem , asyik jem je raya kan kan :P
Here some of da pitcha for last nyte ......

 Asha yg mengantok mata .Mesti lah ngantok mata kan , xkan ngantok hidung kan kan :P
 Yes, we're sibs <3

He was enjoying his mee curry :D

That's all the things that i can share with u olz :D.Btw,love your family first before love other person :P

With Luv,
Rozza Fellyna Rosli

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