Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Bak !

Peace be upon you.

Haaa,tak yah nak pikir pikir sapa "bak'' tu..mai sini adik kakok cheq nak habaq mai sapa "bak" tu..Bak tu bapak cheq lah.Hari ini ulangtahun  hari beranak dia, 28th April,tp taun 1964 lah kan,so,umur dia dah 48...tapi macho lagi :D (puji bapak sendri tak salah kan). 

My wishes :

Tnx to Allah s.w.t for giving me a caring and adorable daddy to me,He's the best daddy in the world.everything i want,u are give to me.I'm promise that i'll take care of u and love u so much.Whatever happen,u will always be my dad,and no one can replace u.Tnx bak for look after me till now which is about 20 yrs,it's not easy rto handle me,right? hehehe :D . In no matter what,i will try my best to fulfill your hopes. Frankly speaking,i'm very proud to have you,bak. :).


Here is the befday man (tak kan boy lagik kot).
"Muka legend tapi hati kiut tao" :D

Tnx all,for layan cek mek rozza ni kan,nak out dulu lah,nak kena study lagik,paper tak habes lagik nie :(.sodey sodey...bye bye :)

With Luv,
Rozza Fellyna Rosli

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