Sunday, May 15, 2011


 Peace be upon you,

Tonyte,i would like to share with u olz who is my inspiration :D,to those who loves to update with my past post,they were already knew who was the person that i'm inspired so much.Yes,she is HELIZA HELMI . No wonder all the men outside are crazy to her because from her attires,it showed that she have the criteria of "GADIS MELAYU" plus with her pairs of doll's eyes 8-). I'm as a lady also really liked her because for me she is so humble although once after she became a celebrity and not like other person whose not yet became celebrity but acts more than D I V A . 

Sorry to say,i'm not trying to be like her but i'm INSPIRED her,i love the way she's dressed up.She's looked nice in no matter whut kind of attire she's wearing especially for the scarfs.I always update with her fashion.Yes,i know u olz are now obsesses with the hana tajima's style and same goes with me.hehe :D . Frankly speaking,i'm rightly proud of her because "Beauty with Brain" :D,she just not only have the beauty but she's also good in education.If i'm not mistaken,she have been graduated from UMS :D . That was the thing that i want to be like her.Sometimes i got envy with her clear face :/.hehe :D

So,u olz,who is your inspiration? let's share with me and i will love to read ur post.Bye u olz :D

With Luv,

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