Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rozza's birthday

Peace be upon you,

Hello ! Hello ! I'm just 21st years old,guys by 5th December 2012 ! Happy 21st Bornday to me.Yeeeehaaaa ! :D For sure,selamat mengundi Rozza :D My aim buat entry kali ni sebab nak say thanks to all the buddies yang wish for my birthday.This is for you,guys......

# Thankyou so much for all the birthday wishes from all of you that know me direct or indirectly :))

Thanks to my GirLoves for the superb celebration,tepung + telur ! sangat the booom lah kena mandi pukul 1 pagi tawwww... :D

and and and a special thanks to my sayang for this sweet cupcake :) <3

That's all for this entry.penat nak taip banyak-banyak.assignment pom tak siap lagi dik oi ! Till we meet again :D Insyaallah.

With Love,
Rozza Fellyna Rosli

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