Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mengawan !

Peace be upon you,

Mangawan?? Don't get me wrong,oke and i'm not talking rubbish.
What the things that i;m goin to tell is about exam.
Seriously i'll have a lot of test by this week.For sure lah mesti akan tension kan,
In the middle of Feb,memang musim test mengawan yer bukan people yg mengawan :/
kalo study pom tak,p kelas pom cukup cukup makan jer :)
For now nie i 'm at library.
sebelom start study,i decide nak warm up my self by post blog lah :)
At least,ringan sikit burden kan kan :)

Oke lah kwn kwn,i need to study for the TEST,yes i repeat TEST.
Do pray for me,oke :)
Tnx u olz :)

With Luv,Rozza Fellyna Rosli <3

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