Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cupcakes Day :)

Peace be upon you,

Venue : Anjung Qaseh
Date   : 15 February 2011

Seriously ,it's not easy to bake a cake although it was my 2nd tyme in baking.haha :)
The most trouble part was when we need to create a design o pattern on that cake with the "icing" but once we've done with it,we can feel the satisfaction.:0
Here was the pitcha that i've snapped at that tyme :).

 The first pitcha at the top left was the cake without the "icing" on it.The others pitcha were the results after creating a design with "icing" on it.It were so yummy :).All of them were 9 pcs,My mom have designed for 7 pcs and the left were handled by me any my sista,if u can see the most terrible one,yes it was mine,hahaha :D.Oke lah,i gtg becoz i need to settle up for my lil sista besdyt party tomoro :)