Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Single is Simple,Couple is Trouble

Peace be upon you,

Since most of us were in love mood,so let's talk about it .:)

We start with single is simple.Is that true?

For my opinion,once you have been in love,it's very hard to let our love go from our life,ryte? because you have spend more sweet moment with him/her then it will make ur love become strong towards him/her,ryte?.One more thing,usually a girl when they start love someone,the will truly love them means that a girl more loyal than men.

It will be different cases for those who never been in this love situation,some of them are not intrested in this thing but some of them unable to find love.Sometimes when we single,we will feel that something not perfect in our life.We will need someone to share our probz and also when we look our friends have bf/gf,it will make ourself to be like that. Isn't it?

 Then how about Couple is Trouble?

Once we get into relationship,we must know how to deal with it.What i'm going to say is we must know how to control our relationship when we faced a probz.If you do not know how to handle it,it will spoil and might ruin your life which means you will not focus on your study.That's why now i just put aside that probz and settle my assignment and revison first then think about it.Yes,for sure i will ask my friends to help me in this probz becoz myself also not too pro in this love situation.So,for me i will not agree if the fact saying that Couple is Trouble because it depends to individual on how they handle their relationship.Many couple have proof that they able to success in their study although they are also in love likes other people.So that we have to know to determine which is good and bad for us in relationship.

I think that all what i'm goin to share with u olz tonyte but everyone have their opinion :D

With Luv,
Rozza Fellyna Rosli